Allow the child to dress myself at an early age

When the baby first manifests a desire to dress myself, let it. Let her wear what she wants, and don't forget to praise for his initiative.
Purchase comfortable clothing

Before you learn to dress myself baby, select those things which he can easily try. Clothes, even socks should be a little loose, the neck of the t-shirts and jackets are not too narrow. The less buttons and rivets, the better.
Play dress up-strip

The games especially help when a child doesn't want to dress himself. Girls show how to dress up dolls and boys on the soft toys. Prepare yourself and your child the same set of clothes and show what to wear.
Help your child to dress herself

First let the kid tries to dress himself as best he can. You just watch. Help him in if he gets nervous, which can't cope with clothes or when it will come to you and ask about it.
Not changing immediately child

If your child is dressed correctly, not in a hurry to remove his clothes and wear it as necessary. Correct his "error" after some time.
Go from easy to more difficult

The child must first be able to wear t-shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, then sweaters without fasteners and a elastic band pants. The next step – things with Velcro, buttons, zippers, outerwear (jackets and coveralls). Then shoes with Velcro. With laces you can not rush. He'll learn to tie.
Teach your child how to dress

Pants, jackets, t-shirts and socks should be drawings on the front side, so that the child could be guided how exactly to wear the thing.
Leave the dressing enough time

No need to rush before going out. Expect at least half an hour on the process, not to be nervous and not finish himself started the business.