Pay attention to the comfort temperature. This indicator is present along with predicted temperatures in the message of weather forecasters. It will help you to navigate and dress for the weather. For example, at a daytime temperature +15 ° C, strong gusty northerly wind and humidity at 70%, the comfort temperature will be not above 10-12 ° C. Thus, it is necessary to dress warmer by wearing a scarf or a shawl, easy beret or a cap.
Take care of the shoes. Choose such models that will ensure you dryness and warmth whatever the time of year. Use protective and insulated insoles, buy polyurethane boots or shoes, without which it is difficult to do in the offseason in damp and rainy weather. Be sure to watch that your feet don't get wet and didn't get too cold because it is fraught with diseases of the kidneys, reproductive organs, the General weakening of the immune system.
If you are outdoors, protect yourself from the wind, because it blows away easily from the skin with a protective layer of warm air. Wear warm outerwear. Unstable seasonal weather to +15 ° C, it is better not to risk the health not rush to flaunt in the lungs coats and jackets. Wearing a winter coat or winter cloak, it is enough to replace a winter scarf for a scarf or tippet, and the warm woolen sweater – a thin, wool blend. You can wear a cotton or linen tunic or pullover.
Note the headgear. Of course, people have different perceptions of the change in temperature. But this garment should be given special attention. In addition to the beauty of hair, it is important to note the protection of the ears and scalp. In winter remember to wear a warm hat, hood, etc. At low temperatures is very easy to freeze ears to be exposed to infectious diseases, which then may require a long and, by the way, is not always successful treatment. In autumn and spring you can experiment. If the comfort temperature is not higher than +5-10C, try, for example, leather cap, beret or classic cotton hat, lapel.
Pay attention to ponchos and capes. The abundance of materials, textures and colors allows to choose a thing that will help you to feel warm and cozy. Poncho is well protected from the wind, indispensable in the cool of the evening. Usually it is worn in dry weather from +10 ° C.