By default, Windows operating system, the security center is enabled and monitors the configuration and security settings of the system. In particular, it controls the operation of firewall and antivirus programs. In that case, if they are disabled or not working optimally, the user will receive a corresponding message.
The reasons why the security center is disabled, can be different. It can be features to configure a specific Windows build, usually a pirate, the action of a Trojan or just a random off at inept experiments with the services of the computer. In the section "security Center" in control Panel you receive the recommendation to start the service or restart the computer. But if this service is not just stopped, disabled, reboot does not help.
To turn security center in Windows XP do: start – > control Panel – > administrative tools – > Services. In the services list at the bottom is the line "security Center". Double-click on it window will open. In the "startup Type" set to "Auto", press "Apply". Then click the activated button "start" and "OK". The security center is enabled.
Operating system Windows 7 how to enable security center: "start – > control Panel – > System and security – > administrative tools – > Services. Find among the list of services the "security Center". Double-click on it with the mouse, in the opened window, select the startup mode "Automatically". Save your selection and start the service with "start" button. The security center is enabled.