You will need
  • pencil;
  • markers;
  • -eraser;
  • -markers
Before you begin to draw yourself, observe those who are already good at drawing graffiti. Note what methods they use to create graphic effects in their drawings why they are drawing what is in each element of the graffiti.
Take a sketch pad with quality paper and a good soft pencil, eraser, markers, and colored pencils, if you want to paint the final image.
You can try to copy ready graffiti other artists – during the training, it helps to improve technique, and can come up with their own drawings. Do not try to draw three-dimensional drawings in 3D start with a simple two-dimensional images.
For early train to draw in graffiti-style different letters and numbers. Hone your ability to draw in graffiti any letter of the Russian and the English alphabet.
The easiest way to learn to make graffiti-style letters of the alphabet on the example of his own name. Draw a letter, making between them a small distance – free space will give more opportunity for further detailing of each letter.
When drawing letters, press the pencil on the paper with different strength, – that you will achieve more variety of texture pattern and its depth. The necessary elements of drawing shade and stahujte – this will lead you to understanding the three-dimensional image.
Basic style image bulk items in graffiti – style bubble. In order to achieve the effect of the bubble letter outline well-defined, rounded outline, gradually leading the line and not making corners.
After the contour is created, the eraser erase the letter inside the outline. Add a different color, trace the outline with a thick marker, highlight the features of letters with additional strokes.
Experiment and soon you will begin to acquire the necessary technical skills in drawing.