Advice 1: How to learn to draw graffiti

Graffiti is an important part of our lives, as part of contemporary art. In the world there is probably no city where its wall is not found at least one colored drawing. Of course, that the wall was really a work of art, not just spotting, you should be able to draw and have artistic taste.
How to learn to draw graffiti
Do not rush to grab a can and run to the nearest wall, you first need to draw the sketch or the sketch. To draw it better with a pencil and only when you fully love, you can trace it with a marker and fill color. And even if the sketch is ready, think before you run outside. Up to this point may take a few months and painted dozens, maybe hundreds of thumbnails.
How to learn to draw graffiti
And yet, if you decide to transfer your sketch on the wall. Begin with a sketch with the same color as the background sheet. Then apply the background and draw the outline. Such a sequence is convenient, as any mistake can be corrected. If the paint drips, don't try to stop her, better to wait until the paint dries and the paint flowed over. In order to avoid stains, all lines must be done carefully, without jerking, but at the same time quickly. All lines should be smooth without breaks.
How to learn to draw graffiti
Professional writers under each picture put your "tag", i.e. a personal signature. It is usually up in advance and decorated with question marks and exclamation points and other "chips". It is important that the tag was written quickly and look stylish. Writers usually draw it by special markers, not paint. Once it is set, drawing is completed.
How to learn to draw graffiti

Advice 2: How to learn to draw quickly

Don't listen to those who say that to learn how to draw graffiti is almost impossible. All our best, it would wish! Start basic terms will help you in the future.
How to learn to draw quickly
The bombing – fast drawing graffiti. In 10-15 minutes you draw graffiti of two or three colors, mostly chrome or silver. This graffiti is suitable for walls, most often for trains. Stensil stencil that you paint the house, and then a few minutes to draw it on the surface. The Bank is the container with your paint. A tag is your nickname for graffiti. Sketch – a small sketch graffiti on paper.
Before you start to draw don't forget to come up with a nickname, so then to sign their drawings. To start drawing the most simple graffiti review to start professional work. Despite such work, remember some items, do it on paper sketches. And then connect the sketches and their imagination in their work.
Lot of practice, it will help you master the basic technique of graffiti. No need to go right to the wall and start painting. Learn many basic techniques on paper.
Later learn how to apply shadow and volume to the drawing. Sign up, if possible, for drawing lessons with a good teacher. Here you will learn to feel the volume and depth of the depicted object.
Remember that you are a beginner and do not try to take the high bar. Everything comes with time. Chat with graffitistami with experience, they will give you good advice.
After a long practice, you will understand that it is already possible to go on the street to any surface. When you understand this, go to the store for spray cans. Buy you need the cylinders and go, for example, to the wall. Always remember about security, you can always catch this illegal business.
Already on the wall to set forth the main lines to make it easier to navigate in the figure. Draw smooth and neat lines, do not pull hand. But at the same time draw a coherent line quickly, you'll ruin the paint. All the lines draw without lifting a hand. Discontinuous lines look ugly.
Draw your picture back up to see what happened. If you need something to correct, do it.
Don't forget to sign your drawing, put the tag. Can also write another smart and beautiful phrase.
That's all! Your first graffiti ready! Rather run away from this place, that you are not caught by the hand.
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