You will need
  • Cans, pencils, markers, mask, gloves
You are going to paint graffiti. First you need to make a sketch is called a sketch. To draw beautiful and accurate sketch - not an easy task. Although at first glance it may seem that it is not. If you are doing only first steps in graffiti, you need to practice to make sketches, sketches. Take a piece of paper, pencils, fit and gel pens, markers and practice, fill-in-hand.
Preference is given to thick paper. For these purposes, is quite suitable drawing paper. Take your time. Take a pencil and start to apply light strokes. Then you can correct the flaws. Then draw around it with a felt pen all painted. Eraser erase unnecessary pencil strokes. Paint the background and fill in all the color.
If you like your result and you sure don't want anything else to change it, then you can transfer the sketch onto the wall.
Now, prepare your equipment. Need to choose paint. You also need to take gloves and a respirator. Paint fumes are poisonous, they can be poisonous. Your clothing also needs to be able to be covered in paint.
How to draw graffiti on the wall
Now you need to choose a suitable wall. The most appropriate option for you will be porous concrete or any primed surface. You can also paint on a metal surface, but you need to degrease.
Try to paint in places that are designated for graffiti. Don't draw on top of the other. Select or inconspicuous wall.
If the wall in front of you, completely painted, but it seems quite appropriate for your first creation. Try covers your balloon painting, and whether it is visible. Not all colors, especially bright, can overlap other labels the first time. It is extremely difficult to overlap the black paint.
When you have the wall try to sketch a sketch a cylinder in the air. Graffiti, first and foremost, you need to take care of the background. First displayed at the sketch. This is done color the main background. Even if you make a mistake, you will be able to fix it. You should not stop the drips with a rag, otherwise you get streaks. Better wait until the paint dries. Fill them in later with the background color.
Do not rush to direct the spray in a concentrated area of graffiti. First check whether the installed cap. Test it, having scattered on the ground.
In the rain and cold weather the paint may be hard to go, and will be dry for long. It is best to choose warm weather. The wind can also be a hindrance to drawing.
How to draw graffiti on the wall