Check the thickness of the oven bag before cooking. If it is less than 15 microns, it cannot be used in heated ovens. In this case, put the dish in a cold oven, and then expose the required temperature.
Put in a package of prepared ingredients so that remained inside a sufficient amount of air. Pre-position the sleeve seam down. Express two sides of the free ends to make it easier to tie. Use special fasteners or just clip the thread. Importantly, the nodes were strong enough, otherwise all the juice will pour out.
Place the sleeve in the pan so that it is not in contact with its walls. Don't forget to pierce with a toothpick or fork a few holes in the package for baking: they need to release air. Otherwise it will stretch your knots, and the juice will flow out. It's not very much spoil the taste of food, but to wash the pan will be very difficult! For some dishes such holes are optional - for example, if you want to cook chicken legs.
Cut the package just before pull the food out of the oven if you want it formed a nice crispy crust. If you prefer not fried and steamed foods, cut sleeve is not necessary.
Use the package for cooking a variety of dishes: it is great at meat, poultry, vegetable dishes, sweet desserts. Even the famous Christmas goose does not require you to any effort – just enough to prepare his carcass, Packed in a package and send in the oven. Forget about it you won't give the enchanting smells wafting through the kitchen, so that will just walk up and turn off the stove. Cook in the sleeve of the language: pre-marinate it in boiled water with spices, and then simply place it together with the marinade into the sleeve. The resulting dish will be very soft and tender.