Advice 1: How to remove the wheel on the motorcycle

People who do not have enough adrenaline, buy a motorcycle. These two-wheeled monsters easily go round almost all the traffic jams. The fuel consumption of the motorcycle is much less than the car, which makes it more attractive. However, the bike also require maintenance. For example, sooner or later will have to change the wheels of your motorcycle. How to do it yourself, without the services?
How to remove the wheel on the motorcycle
You will need
  • A set of tools, stand for Moto, rag, and polishing machine.
First, find a place where you change the wheel. best for this purpose, suitable garage, because in it you will be protected from the weather, and the place will be enough. Turn off the ignition of the motorcycle. Now you need to hang the front wheel so that it was in the air. Distance from floor to wheel should be about 20 centimeters. Put under the load bearing part of the construction of some object such as a wooden block. Carefully secure the motorcycle in such a position that the dismantling of the wheels he fell. Much easier and more convenient to perform all the manipulations together.
Then find the nut tightening the left bolt. Slide it off the ground, and Unscrew several turns. Pull off the nut have a smooth strong movement to inadvertently damage the screw thread. If the nut first went easily and then start a tight scroll, then stop, make a few turns in reverse order and proceed to unleash it. Once this, remove the front wheel axle., where is the thread on the left side.
Now gently pull the front axle. It is necessary to have a second person hold the wheel in the same position. Then, remove the wheel and protective cover. The wheel itself should now easily removed together with the brake cover. Already removed wheels must be removed and the brake cover. The process of removing the rear wheels is almost the same. After removing the protective cap can move that wheel with the brake pads and carefully pull it from the plug frame. When you do this, ensure that no parts are damaged. The plug will need to be cleaned with a rag and inspect for deep scratches and torn. If there are, then you need to Polish the surface of the plug.

Advice 2: How to remove the wheel

Modern car owners are divided into two categories: some of them prefer to contact the service center in order to change the wheel, and some prefer to do it myself. The second option saves money, but at the same time requires the owner of the vehicle a certain amount of skill. However, to remove the wheel even the novice motorist.
How to remove the wheel

  1. The car should stall Parking brake, including the insertion of first gear or reverse gear. If a wheel happens on the road, be sure to take care not to create an emergency and not to disturb other road users. In this case, you need to install the car special sign emergency stop and activate the emergency lights.

  2. Before you remove the wheel, lock the wheel with the opposite side of the car wheel stops; if the special stops at hand was not, you can use a conventional bricks or stones that are found near the roadway.

  3. If you have to deal with wheels with steel stamped discs, pre-remove the decorative cover (this operation can be easily accomplished by using the ordinary screwdriver, inserting it between the rim and cap).

  4. All nuts of fastening of a wheel it is necessary to weaken (but only one turn.) After that the car should be raised with the Jack to install the Jack should not those parts of the side amplifier, which is specially designed for this purpose). If you have to remove the wheel in the middle of the road with very soft soil under the Jack it is necessary to enclose a small piece of Board to ensure the stability of the structure.

  5. After was involved in the Jack, wheel nut, wheel can Unscrew completely. The wheel can be removed without much effort, it is usually sufficient just to pull it up for yourself.

  6. After the wheel was replaced, do not forget to carefully tighten the nut and check the quality of their attachment repeatedly for 10-12 kilometers.

Advice 3: How to remove a hubcap from the wheel

Hubcaps for the wheels are used by many motorists but when it comes to the question of how to remove, problems arise. This is not as easy as it sounds, so below are a few simple tips that will help you easily remove the caps from the wheels.
How to remove a hubcap from the wheel
You will need
  • Jack, power screwdriver
Start to understand what is actually caps on the wheels and what they need. Caps on the wheels have two main functions: protective and decorative. The first excels in the use of motorists in the winter. Caps will surely take a blow in the form of mud, snow, ice, reagents and other troubles peculiar to that time of the year. Naturally, your appearance at the same time they will lose, but it is much easier and, importantly, cheaper to replace the caps than to buy new wheels. Speaking of the decorative function, the caps are purchased as an alternative to alloy wheels. The cost of such a disk starts from $ 100.e. but the caps can be purchased at a price five times less, that is, the difference is evident.
If you follow the instructions, a scheme of removing the caps from the wheels is as follows: take the Jack and use the handle to remove the hubcaps from the wheels.
Do not attempt to remove the caps only when using the hands, as this may cause serious and severe consequences.
To in the process of dismantling not to damage the cap, use a piece of tissue, put it between the wheel and the crank of the Jack. Try to work carefully so as not to damage or scratch the cap and the wheel.
Experienced drivers also offer the following method. Take a screwdriver, hook her to the ledge and start to pull the lug toward the center of the wheeland the cap for this pull over.
You can also try using another screwdriver, pry with it the cap, i.e. put it in the hole between the disc wheel and the cap. However, be careful, spend all manipulations very carefully, as excessive force may damage the cap.

Advice 4: How to retire a motorcycle

Sale, donation, motorcycle, as well as the relocation of permanent place of residence to another region, cause of its removal from accounting registration in the traffic police. To retire you need a motorcycle, not fit for further operation. How to remove your motorcycle from the account in traffic police?
How to retire a motorcycle
You will need
  • - the civil passport;
  • - the passport of technical means;
  • attorney the right of possession of the motorcycle;
  • - certificate of registration of the motorcycle.
Come along with the bike in the registration division of traffic police, in which he puts on record.
Take and complete the application form on the removal of the vehicle from the register.
Contact window the initial submission of documents. Provide the technical means passport, civil passport, the certificate on car registration, a statement with a request to remove the motorcycle from the register. If you owned a motorcycle under power of attorney, provide the attorney about possession.
Wait until your documents will be processed.
Collect a package of the processed documents and the receipt for payment of registration fee.
Pay the state fee in the nearest branch of any Bank. Stamp duty on the removal of the vehicle from the register of the traffic police is 200 rubles.
Go to the observation deck. Complete inspection of your motorcycle traffic police inspector. The inspector will check the engine number and frame with those in the vehicle.
Will receive from the inspector after passing inspection. On the application he must leave a mark on the performed inspection.
Package and remove the license plate, contact the registration window. Wait for their treatment.
Get a vehicle with a mark about removal of a motorcycle with the account and transit numbers, if the motorcycle is not removed from the register by reason of unfitness for further use.
There are many "helpers" that can help you in removing your vehicle from registration in traffic police. Be wary of proposals such assistance, check each offer carefully in order not to fall for the trick of fraudsters whose purpose is just greed.
Useful advice
Remember that if you are moving to a permanent place of residence within the same region (subject of Federation), to remove from the register and put on record the motorcycle at the new place of residence is not necessary.

Advice 5: How to align wheel

Deformation of the wheels is one of the most common problems faced by owners of cars, motorcycles and bicycles as a result of accidents or drive on bad roads. When minor damage wheel you can align.
How to align wheel
And yet, most often this trouble is chasing cyclists. What "eight" is one of them. Translated into technical terms it means the curvature of the rim when one or more parts out of the same plane. The result of "eight" becomes the friction of the rim on the brake pads, which leads to their premature wear.
The reason for "eight" is the weakening of the tension of multiple spokes. To eliminate the problem you can at home, pulling the spokes. "The pit" - a more serious deformation of the wheel when the wheel rim to bend to its centre. With a significant deformation of the wheel must be replaced. In other cases, the disassembly and repair of wheels will have to do on a special stand, if this is a fairly expensive model.
Deformation in the form of an oval occurs when uneven tension of spokes in different ways. This issue can also be addressed independently, pulling the spokes from the side, where there was a bulge. In case of serious deformation of the rim, remove the wheel from the bike, loosen all the spokes and resting on the rim at any two opposite points, arms straighten it. After that, put the wheel on the bike and carefully align it. To correct the deformed portion of the rim you can use a special hook made of metal strip with a soft grip.
Dents on the edges of the rim you can fix with a hammer and a wooden lining. Don't forget before you start to work with a hammer, it's good to pump the tires.
Deformation of motor drives can be eliminated only in the conditions of service. The degree of deformation is determined by special equipment. After the diagnosis and establish the type of deformation of the disk is put on the stand. The main principle is to determine the direction and force of impact, leading to deformation of the disk and then apply the opposite force to overcome it.
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