You will need
  • A set of tools, stand for Moto, rag, and polishing machine.
First, find a place where you change the wheel. best for this purpose, suitable garage, because in it you will be protected from the weather, and the place will be enough. Turn off the ignition of the motorcycle. Now you need to hang the front wheel so that it was in the air. Distance from floor to wheel should be about 20 centimeters. Put under the load bearing part of the construction of some object such as a wooden block. Carefully secure the motorcycle in such a position that the dismantling of the wheels he fell. Much easier and more convenient to perform all the manipulations together.
Then find the nut tightening the left bolt. Slide it off the ground, and Unscrew several turns. Pull off the nut have a smooth strong movement to inadvertently damage the screw thread. If the nut first went easily and then start a tight scroll, then stop, make a few turns in reverse order and proceed to unleash it. Once this, remove the front wheel axle., where is the thread on the left side.
Now gently pull the front axle. It is necessary to have a second person hold the wheel in the same position. Then, remove the wheel and protective cover. The wheel itself should now easily removed together with the brake cover. Already removed wheels must be removed and the brake cover. The process of removing the rear wheels is almost the same. After removing the protective cap can move that wheel with the brake pads and carefully pull it from the plug frame. When you do this, ensure that no parts are damaged. The plug will need to be cleaned with a rag and inspect for deep scratches and torn. If there are, then you need to Polish the surface of the plug.