Remember: if you get foam on the skin need to act very quickly, otherwise the foam will harden and then you have to wait a few days until it will disappear by itself with dead skin cells. Carefully remove the foam with hands with a cloth. Be very careful not smear the foam on the skin! Next, try to remove the foam from skin using gasoline, acetone or cleaner. Suitable even ordinary liquid nail Polish remover. Be extremely careful when using tools such as cleaner or petrol, follow safety rules!
If no gasoline, no acetone, no cleaner didn't help and they simply are not in your house, try another way. Pour into a basin of warm water and add table salt. Put your hands in the water and wait for a while. To enhance the effect, try to scrub the foam with the skin with rough scouring pads or pumice. To get rid of foam helps and soapy water. Soak in this water hands, from time to time carefully soaping them up and scrubbing the foam from the skin with a sponge or washcloth. Do not immediately proceed to the next step, if the foam is not washed for 5-10 minutes, as the washing foam from hands with soap and warm water – quite a long process.
There is another method that is sometimes used by the installers. Take vegetable oil, and brush over the warm skin. Then, pour on his hands a little detergent, gently and carefully scour them foam hands. You can also use a pumice stone or rough sponge. RUB until then, until the foam is removed with hands, then rinse hands with warm water. You can just how to grease the hands of vegetable oil and wait 10-20 minutes and then wash off oil with water. Most likely, the foam will be drained together with the oil.