Find out the basics. If you are going to learn English from the very beginning, that is "from scratch", you can not do without help. The initial step is learning the grammar basics is very important and if you make mistakes on it, it will be even harder. Therefore, please contact the center for the study of foreign languages, or take private lessons. Ten sessions will be enough to obtain the required minimum on the basis of which you will be able, if desired, to develop language independently.
Develop. If you have already studied the language and decided to pull up and to develop its knowledge, then you have many ways to do it. For example, you can watch movies in English with Russian subtitles. At first it will be unusual and a bit difficult to move his eyes from the picture to the subtitles, to focus. But over time you will pay attention to the subtitles much less. This method is good for vocabulary expansion, for immersion in the speech, getting used to its sound. It is also useful to watch English channels, listen to radio in English.
Communicate. Communication with native speakers is the best way of knowing it. Start meeting with the residents of UK, USA or any other English-speaking countries, for example, through social networks, and start conversations via Skype. Live communication is always better than rote learning of rules and words. Tell your recipient that you are learning the language, try to understand the phrase correctly build your. The accent of the interlocutor, the construction of speech, new words and phrases, all of which can help to learn English for six months.
If you have the financial ability to go to England or the USA, use it. A month in the country-native speaker - and you're free to communicate. In the first week will be difficult to figure out and understand people, and secondly you will be guided and will be able to build broken phrases, starting with the third неделb communication will bring you pleasure, and by the end of the month you will be surprised at his knowledge of the language. Such practice allows to naturally integrate into the language, learn the words and build sentences without mistakes. Because otherwise you just won't understand this.
Learn new words. In any method of language learning, the main thing - the vocabulary. The most primitive and at the same time, the most effective way is to write the words on pieces of paper along with their pronunciation, to place them in the rooms in the house, and gradually to learn. Add five to seven new words a day.
Refer to the experts. Today there are many authors offering their developed language courses. It Dragunkin, Poloneichik, Zametkin and others. Their books and multimedia courses can be purchased in stores and online. Note that the combination of the above techniques and methods knowledge of the language will give the best result.