For self-study, choose the most convenient for you: morning, evening or afternoon – as you see fit. Define the classroom and try not to break out of their schedule.
Organize a comfortable learning place, a comfortable chair and good lighting will set the training mood.
Surround yourself with people who know English at least at a conversational level and try to communicate with them as often as possible, definitely English in their spare time, view films in English and apply their knowledge. In your classes must attend practice!
Engage only in a predetermined rhythm, if you're lazy, you can really start your lessons, and if you want to speed up the pace, might miss something or forget bad have learned the material and your time will be wasted. This advice is especially for those who just start learning English from scratch. Of course, as you progress you will move faster, but not halfway to develop light speed.
Can also try to include in your schedule method of "gaming" the study. In the last twenty years this method has become very popular. Gather your friends who know English, and play with them small scenes. You can come up with a new name, which is often found in the English language, to choose occupation, the interests of the profession, in General, create a new biography. And try to "live" this time, being practically a different person.
You can use old, well known method of learning English words using the cards. These cards can be purchased at the store or make it yourself for free. English flashcards - plain paper cards, on the front side of which was written by the English word or phrase, and the translation and transcription on the reverse side.
A few simple exercises, doing that can very quickly raise the level of English language skills through song. To your taste choose a song in English, to her find the words. After reading the text, try to understand its General meaning. Next, translate unfamiliar words by using the dictionary. If a couple turns of speech or grammatical constructions remained unclear to you, then consult an experienced teacher. When this is done, re-listen to the song, even try to sing along. The second exercise is the opposite of the first. Listening to the text, listen to a few times a favorite song. Now independently try to write down words. After real lyrics look on the Internet and compare it with what you wrote.
Intensive courses of English language study in the training format involve a system of learning in which the student in minimum time to digest the maximum amount of material gets the skills of its application in practice. Many resorts features an 8-day intensive training course in English.