You will need
  • Skype, ICQ, books, school, source
In this age of computer technology have created many ways to communicate with people from other countries. The most common program - Skype. It is possible to find hundreds of like-minded people as native speakers or just people wanting to chat or learn your language.
Another useful program to facilitate communication - ICQ. Basically, the communication will take place in instant messages, but also have the ability to communicate by webcam. Simply place your ICQ number on the forum like these Internet communication helps you to be liberated, and vocabulary will be filled with dozens of useful expressions and phrases.
If you welcome live chat, just for you suitable English tea party who organize clubs and schools for learning foreign languages. They are usually held on Saturdays and they are native speakers. There are going to people with very different language levels. If you have any questions, will be happy to answer them and correct errors.
Look for the nearest school of a foreign language.
In English classes you can take a friend or girlfriend, relative or just colleague. So to practice your English at any time up to the communication on the phone. Don't forget to carry a small pocket dictionary. With it, you will be able to freely speak, because after watching at least 10-15 words and immediately use them in conversation, you can easily remember them.
Finally, the Council wishing to learn speak English fluently and learn as many idioms, i.e. conversational norms. For example, the common English idiom is "As fit as a fiddle" is literally translated as "to Be healthy as a fiddle". Agree, the first time it is hard to perceive such nuances. In the books, such things frequently. Moreover, below is the footnote with the Russian analogue of such a transfer. This particular idiom can be translated "to Be healthy as an ox".
So, read books, gentlemen! In bookstores, the mass of literature in the English language. You can choose the genre, and complexity.