Take your man together with his past (lovers, wives, children). When you loved him, you knew he had it. The past cannot be undone, no matter how you might wish it, and we must live it.
Try to understand your husband, presenting himself in his place. If the previous marriage left children, what would you feel you razlucivost with them? Your husband has ceased to be the husband of the woman, but he will always be father to his children. Allow your spouse to decide how much he will communicate with them and their mother. When a person is tied, that he wants to escape. And, being free, man would be happy to devote time to his second family, and first child.
Be loyal. Ex-wife has the right to call your husband to tell about children, and if necessary, ask for help. For the well-being of children the father should be involved in their upbringing. You want to respect your husband? How would you react to a man, is not willing to take any part in the fate of their child?
Do not put your children above child from his first marriage, and it is better to try to communicate with him. If the first wife would be against it, do not be offended and leave - allow the husband alone to communicate with the child.
Stop thinking about my ex-wife spouse, and start thinking about yourself. Your husband chose you, so take self-improvement to continue to be for him the best. Besides, you will have to stay less time digging in your feelings.