All the virtual space of the game World of Warcraft is divided between different factions, but there are two neutral cities on the territory of which fighting is prohibited: the capital of Northrend – the city of Dalaran (Dalaran), and the capital of the continent of outland – Shattrath city (Shattrath City), where you can get to the island Keldunes.
To Shattrath city can only be accessed once your character reaches level 58. You need to go through the Dark Portal and get to the center of the continent. If you want to reach this location before, use the teleport created by any of the magicians.
In the center of Shattrath is multiple teleports in different cities, including on the Island of Queldanas. Quests on the island intended for players level 70 and above, so go on Queldanas through this portal players of lower level will not succeed.
Many players under level 70, on the forums asking questions on how to get to Queldanas up to level 70. To do this, activate your account, BK – expansion to World of Warcraft called the Burning Crussade, which extends the game and adds new locations, characters, etc. Here you can ask someone of your friends or other players who have reached level 70, teleport to Keldunes and invite you to the group. You can also use paralytica located in the Ghost Lands.
If the teleporter is in shattrat for some reason is closed or not running, go to Silvermoon city, where swim in the direction of Queldanas. Near this location you will fight one of the NPC and let him kill your player. As a result, you appear on the Island Queldanas an angel.
In the location, you can also get some quests. For example, the task "Worn hilt" drop from any of the monsters in the dungeons of Icecrown Citadel. Its implementation is to ensure that you first come to one of the NPC in Icecrown Citadel, which sends you to talk to some other characters, then head into the Pit of Saron, where knock with the Head Smithy hammer Gargled that relate to Halls of Reflection, where after conversations with several NPCs will direct you to the island Keldunes. This quest does not end, but you get to the desired location of the Sunwell.