You will need
  • computer;
  • - WinRar or other archiver.
Download software WinRar for PC from the official website of the developer. Install according to the instructions of the installation wizard.
Select the files that will be included in the archive. This is done by simultaneous pressing on them with the left mouse button and the Ctrl key. Click on the selected files, right-click, select "add files to archive". You will have a window of WinRar.
Configure archive settings. Select method of file compression – max will change their size to a minimum, but the time to create the archive will spend more than if you select other options. If necessary, perform a breakdown of the archive files of a certain size – usually this is required for writing to removable media to a certain extent.
If you want add to archive additional files, click the "Browse" button, which is located in the upper right corner. You can add an unlimited amount of data. Select mode – update files, replacing them, make copies, etc.
Enter the name of the archive. If it is created and then sent via the Internet, it is best to type the name in the Latin alphabet – this will help to avoid problems with encoding.
On the Advanced tab, select the desired configuration. If you want to set a password, enter it in the popup after clicking "Set password" window. If necessary, encrypt the file names. So when you open the archive in their names was not displayed.
Return to the General tab. Select the archive format – ZIP. Click the "OK" button, thereby triggering the process of archiving files. The time to perform this operation count approximately based on the amount of files, their number and the method of compression – less compression, the less time will be required for archiving.