You will need
  • - 7z;
  • - WinRar.
You need to download the program 7z or some other archiver. Can use WinRar or WinZip. Install the selected utility and reboot the computer. Copy all needed photos to a separate folder. To do this, use the standard Windows Explorer or file Manager, e.g. Total Commander. Just right click on the created folder and hover over the paragraph 7z. In the ensuing menu, select the option "add to archive".
Enter the name of the future of the archive. Set the archive format. In the "compression Level" to select "Ultra". This will allow to reduce the size of the files. If you want to record a large amount of data on several CD media, then click the "Split to volumes" and select 650M – CD. You can also specify the size of the archive element if you need to set limits. Usually this method is used before loading files on file sharing resources with the restriction on the size of one file.
Locate the menu for "Encryption" and enter twice the same password. This will prevent unwanted access to your photos. The encryption method can select any. Do not use simple passwords, if you really want to protect the information in the archive. After preparing the backup settings, click "Start" and wait for the utility.
If you smash the files into blocks, for reading data, you need all the elements. Ie for successful unpacking the archive you must have all of its component parts. In this case it is better not to store backups on multiple media, and as soon as possible and to rewrite on a hard disk.