You will need
  • Pigment for paint (ink "rainbow, or any other, similar in composition), glycerin,alcohol, syringes (for filling), cartridges (refillable), utensils for the manufacture of paints (the required number of beakers).
For the manufacture of paints, you must first pick up the dye. It must be water-soluble, in any case, not pigment. Building and car color will not work. You can use food coloring, but their composition should not be vanilla, molasses and sugar.Any dyes need to filter and boil. If after boiling precipitate the dye is best not to use.There are several methods of manufacturing inks for the printer.
To the ink is added about 30% alcohol and glycerin. Next the ingredients are mixed and produce boiling. On average, the percentage of glycerol is about 20% of the total solution. For printers 300dpi is about 50%. The higher the dpi, the less glycerin is used.Further, the solution should boil for 15 minutes and filter through cotton or paper filter). In the manufacture of high-quality paint is highly recommended to use a filter.
Before mixing, you should check the fluidity of the paint manufacturer's printer. Such fluidity will be the standard. With self-manufacturing is necessary to aspire to such consistency. To check the yield to pour the paint into the syringe needle, and record the time at which it will flow out from the hole. At low flow you have to add the glycerin, and to increase the concentration of the used pigment (boil).
Ink for printer is done only empirically. For each brand of cartridge can be your own recipe. For example:
27% of black ink + 18% alcohol + 55% glycerol;
40% of black ink + 30% alcohol + 30% glycerol.