First of all, keep in mind that it is possible to wash only fabric Roman blinds, and products made from such natural fibers as bamboo or harness wash is strictly prohibited – they can only be cleaned with a soft brush.
When the curtains are removed from the ledge, before start washing, you need to pull out the rack, which is laid between strips of fabric. Such rails can be metal, wood or plastic, and they are intended to ensure that the curtains were tougher and had more decorative. To get such, Reiki is not difficult: a special ribbon or decorative edging (which is inserted each of these inserts) are jotted.
If you want curtains lasts as long as possible – do not wash them too often. And to clean them from dust is to periodically vacuum them, pre-wrapping the vacuum cleaner nozzle with a thick cloth. It is also useful to ventilate curtains – creating a room draft. In addition, if possible wash curtains by hand, since machine washing they can be deformed. For this reason, they cannot be washed in hot water.
Hand-washing soak the item in warm water with the powder, which should be Ph neutral. It should not contain any bleaching agents. If you need to remove from the cloth the stain, use the stain remover on a natural basis. If you're going to wash the curtain in the washing machine – be sure to install on a gentle cycle. If possible, place the curtains in a pillowcase or in a special cloth pouch.
Regardless of the chosen method, be sure to wash several times thoroughly rinse the curtains. This is important because if the particles of the detergent will remain in the fibers, under the influence of sunlight in the tissue can occur a chemical reaction between these particles and the special composition, which impregnating the fabrics used in the manufacture of Roman blinds. In this case, the curtain may be damaged, as a treatment not only improves the properties of the material from which it is made, but also protects the fabric from fading and heating under the sunlight.