It remains in fashion almost every season, changing only its form and length. Using bangs to hide wide forehead or accentuate cheekbones. In addition, she is a "young" image of its owner. But women with thin hair and those who can boast of curls, bangs will bring a lot of trouble. In the first case, because of the natural fat of the hair it will quickly look grubby, and the second will have to make an effort for styling. Do not cut short the bangs, if your hair does not differ splendor, you will only emphasize the paucity of his hair. If the hair is thick and long, French bangs, which starts from the top.
Thanks to the many forms you can choose the bangs which is most suitable for your face. To facilitate selection, use the special software selection of hairstyles. With their help, you can "try on" hundreds and even thousands of different bangs in the context of a particular haircut. Plus of such programs in the fact that you can experiment not only with a short, oblique, long, ragged bangs, but to regulate the intensity of the color or length of hair. Install one of the programs on the computer and upload your picture close up. And you will have the opportunity to see your next image into different angles.
You can also assess whether you fit one or the other form of fringe in the store, where they sell wigs. By the way, women with oval face shape this tip to anything – this form is considered ideal, so the bangs will suit any. It is worth noting the versatility oblique bangs. It is suitable for almost everyone, as it looks great on long and medium length hair with a ragged haircut. Depending on the hairstyle you can play with the length: open or, conversely, to hide the forehead under the hair.