Choosing the right bangs

First of all you must find out what type of bangs are the most beneficial to emphasize the dignity of your appearance: so, for example, straight bangs look great on straight and thick hair; hairstyles complement, made in the style of "caret" or "Bob"; ideal for individuals with regular features.

Graduated bangs give the external appearance of softness and femininity. These bangs are recommended for thin or curly hair; well with cascading hair; mask the contrast between the regrowth and dyed hair; lend expression to a round, soft faces.

Properly hold the scissors

In order to properly trim the bangs and not make blunders, you need to learn how to correctly hold scissors when cutting bangs, they must be placed horizontally. Put your thumb in the bottom ring, ring – upper; balance control provides a little bit reserved towards the little finger, if the shear does not have a specific ring for this finger.

Technique haircuts bangs

Haircut straight bangs is performed on clean, dry or slightly damp hair. Hair carefully combed, and fix with Bobby pins, leaving only those strands that run the cut. To fringe was the same length, the hair to hold the comb. Cut start from the middle of the bangs, doing a quick tidy movements. Focusing on the length of the control strands, to straighten the side bangs.

During the haircut, you need to look in the mirror straight ahead, not taking his eyes sideways or up. This measure will allow to avoid an involuntary lift of the eyebrows, causing the bangs seem longer and there is a risk to shorten it much more than originally planned.