Make a business strategy for your future company. Rate the market as you will have competitors. Analyze the specialization of the company: it can be linked with oil, mechanical devices or electricity. Also review the expertise of your potential partners that you just need to find joint activities. Write down all the ideas for the successful development of the company that will meet the current needs of a particular market.
Develop a good marketing strategy, as well as all legal and, if necessary, of financial aspects.
Write an application for a license professional engineer. Be ready for this special training. After all, you can't get a license without a corresponding degree of bachelor. In some countries, allowing the document can be purchased without a degree in the field of engineering, but having obtained the required diploma, you will be able to get a license much faster.
Pass all necessary examinations for the license set forth in certain rules for the professional engineer. Go through all the testing that will be required. Turn practice, having worked for some time in some engineering company. In turn, the time of the experience can also be different, depending on the peculiarities of the country in which you reside.
Provide start-up capital your own design firm, providing developed a business plan to investors. In turn, they should be willing to give you money in debt or in exchange for a specific share of your profit.
Find employees for your organization. Employ only qualified personnel. Can do it with ads. To do this, simply place them on specialized websites and in printed publications.