You will need
  • newspaper that accepts ads free
  • the text free ads
Buy several Newspapers in your region, area or profile. View first information at the end of the last strip about that, where the wording whether the Internet address of the website of this newspaper, and, most importantly, if they accept to publish individuals free conditions. You can also get this information from the seller.
Read the conditions of those Newspapers that accept ads for free. Usually in the newspaper is given the form of the free ads that you want to fill. Often the free classifieds are limited by some parameters such as the number of characters, content, read carefully the information printed on the form.
Pre-specify the text on the draft and count the number of characters. If necessary, adjust or reframe. Choose a category in which it should be published, and copy her number or name. Now you can start filling in. In addition to content, headings and contact information you need to fill in personal data: full name, passport data might address. But these data for publication are not provided.
After you fill out the form, take or send it by mail to the newspaper. Some publishers practice of public boxes receive free ad, in this case, their addresses are specified in the paper.
Another option for an ad free is to fill out a form online, on the newspaper's website, if available. To do this, type in the address bar, the website address, and can be found in the newspaper itself, or by typing in any search engine the name of the newspaper. Select your region and select service "place an ad". Next go through exactly the same procedure of filling, as in a paper version. The convenience is that you don't have anywhere to go, and click the "Send" button and your ad will already be in the wording.