You will need
  • -Internet;
  • newspaper "hand in hand";
  • phone.
The most simple and accessible to all method – to use a coupon for a free ad. It necessarily appears in every issue of the publication. The coupon correctly fill in legible handwriting. After that put it in point of reception of the ads. Note that such points accept coupons during working hours. Find this item in each city, where the newspaper "From hands in hands". In a small town looking for a point closer to the center. And in large settlements such points can be even more. Address these points looking at the newspaper. The announcement will appear in the next issue of the publication.
Call from a regular landline and speak your announcement. Keep in mind that such call will be paid. Pay by SMS on receipt of your stationar communication operator or with a special card. Buy it in stores "Alt-Telekom", "Euronetwork" or in points of reception of ads edition. Activate the card in accordance with the instructions printed on it. Then be done by calling the same number. The map has a certain capacity. The minimum is 10 units, which is equal to ten private ads. To pay for placing advertisement on receipt of the operator, call the call centre specified in the newspaper the phone.Remember that the presentation of information in different categories may be used and different numbers. For quick payment via SMS send message to specified in the publication of a short number. Similarly in the SMS you will receive a code, which is called the on-time of the call in the call center.
Can use a mobile phone. Call a special short number and dictate an announcement. The number is also listed in the newspaper. The money will be withdrawn. Please note that during this call you can dictate any number of ads.