In stores you can easily purchase the "horned root", but want to grow it on their own plot.

First, you must select a site suitable for this purpose, given that the plant does not tolerate drafts, excessive moisture and direct rays of the sun. It should be a protected area, without the direct rays of the sun. In addition, the maturation period lasts about 10 months, so it is reasonable to foresee the landing of the root in a Conservatory or heated greenhouse.

Then prepare the soil. It should be fertile, slightly acidic. If the soil does not meet the requirements, mix equal parts of earth, and dry humus and add a fourth part of sand in the mixture. You can also dig up the entire plot with the addition of sand and organic fertilizers.

Preparation of the root and planting begins in the spring, it is necessary to choose a healthy root with eyes. Of these holes eventually begin to appear boring. The autonomic division of the root should be carried out in such a way that each segment of the left pair of holes. Slices must be processed with charcoal.

The required temperature for normal growing season is about 25 degrees. On this basis, choose the date of planting it in the ground. Preferably the first step is to plant the rhizome in a heated greenhouse. By lowering the temperature to 18 degrees, the plant goes into a state of sleep from which it is then pretty hard to release. It is necessary to strictly monitor the temperature, occasionally coating the soil with water.

In late August, the plant must be dug, if it grows in the open ground. If there is a greenhouse, it is left to Mature until February. You can also transplant it into boxes, pots, in which it will ripen. After flushing, the leaves of plant should ensure the appropriate conditions, the temperature should not exceed 16 degrees.

Plant care does not require any special expenses. Carefully planting, weeding monthly, making organic fertilizer. The condition of the soil is important – it should be crisp, without excessive moisture and excessive drying.