To clean clothes from pollen, use the following tips. Do not try to shake off the pollen with your hand, otherwise you risk to spread the stain even more, it can penetrate deeply into tissue. Just slightly shake the clothes so that pollen showered herself.
Get the tape, stick it on the stain and gently remove it. So you will be able to clean the surface of the fabric from dust.
Also the remains of the dust can be removed with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner, but it should be done only after the pollen has dried, otherwise you can smear on the clothes.

After you've shaken off the pollen, put on the spot bleach (of course, only if the fabric allows you to carry out this procedure). For colored fabrics, use a washing with the addition of powder containing the enzymes. If after washing the stain remains, hang clothes in the sun and leave it for several hours, often in direct sunlight, which causes the stain to disappear.

Try to put on the spot alcohol, vinegar, or any negalejau toothpaste and a good scrub. After that wash the thing as usual and the stain will disappear. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times using bleach (if its use is permissible in the fabric).

To combat the stains of vegetable origin, including stained pollen, well help of the so-called oxygenated bleach, which among other things more and freshen the fabric. Such bleaches effective at a temperature of 600 degrees, however, powders with an oxygen-containing bleach activator is administered a chemical bleach, which allows efficient use of detergent and at lower temperatures.