First, you need to get yourself an e-wallet. There are many websites and different companies who do this, but consider the best example, RBK Money, as the purse allows you to pay for the services of any operator.
So, get yourself an e-wallet on the website To do this, select "registration" section. Complete there, in the opened window, all the necessary items. Follow the instructions on the screen and thereby complete the registration.
Tip: Create a strong password that no one else was able to crack it.
Now you need to add funds to your electronic wallet. For this there are many different ways. You can instantly top up e-wallet using your Bank Visa or MasterCard, through the offices of agents to receive payments and payment terminals, through Bank transfers, you can also take a loan, but the most convenient one is the you Deposit via credit card. In a special section of the website you must enter your own credit card number and other information indicated in the fields, and then make payment.
Next you need to specify all the details of the payment (namely the number of phone and amount).
Now you only need to confirm your payment.
As soon as you confirm your payment, the money is immediately credited to the account of your mobile phone and accordingly will be charged to your credit card. You can pay for cellular communication, thus, not just sitting at home behind a computer, but also any other place where you have access to the Internet (for example, if you are riding the bus, you can go to the website with a mobile phone and top-up their mobile phone).