For the competent execution of the returnwhile the funds for the cashier must perfectly navigate the regulatory framework. Read the rules and guidelines for accounting registration of operations of reception, storage and issue of goods in trade organizations, and the Order of conducting cash operations in the Russian Federation (Decision No. 40 of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Russia 22.09.93)Remember that there are two types of refundand the box office: the return on the day of purchase and return not on the day of purchase.
Spend the refund on the day of purchase in the following way: the cashier swipe the returntion check, then let the act of returnand cash (KM 3).
To the act of 3 KM need to make cash sales and the returntion checks. If the buyer refuses to return the sales receipt, then it should be an explanatory note addressed to the store Manager stating the reasons norefundand the sales receipt. To protect yourself in case of a possible cash checks, advise the buyer to indicate as the reason for notrefundthe check and its loss. In addition, the act necessary to make the commodity of the Cheka or the stub petty cash receipts.
Spend return not on the day of purchase as follows: receive from the purchaser a statement to the store Manager about the returne funds and the reason for return, and then return the money to the buyer from the cash register of the organization at the account cash warrant.
Making a return of money at the box office, consider a General rule. So, the refund money can only be made at the main cashier of the organization. Observe the correctness of all cash documents, remember that corrections in the payment documents are not allowed.