The main ways of dealing with high humidity

Very often the high humidity is caused by poor ventilation. Plastic Windows installed in many apartments and cottages are tightness, which allows them to retain heat in the room and to cut off the street noise. However, if the house does not have high-quality ventilation system, this tightness gets an unpleasant side effect: the humidity gradually increases, especially when using the bathroom and kitchen. To solve the problem, you need to take care of setting the Autonomous system of ventilation, air obschedomovoe equipment or at least more often to air premises.
"Weeping" Windows - the first sign that the level of ventilation of rooms is poor. Remember that typical communal metering system in such cases will not be enough.

The problem may lie not only in poor ventilation. Leaking pipes, poor basement waterproofing, rotten roof can also lead to a strong increase in the level of humidity in the house. If you run into this problem, installing a new ventilation system will not help to get rid of it. In such cases, you need to take care first and foremost about eliminating the causes, not consequences.

How to quickly lower the humidity of the air in the room

There are additional ways to combat high humidity to homes and cottages. A good option may be the use of special chemicals. They absorb moisture, normalizing the microclimate in the rooms, though, as a rule, do their job pretty quickly.
Be very careful when using such tools, if you have children or animals!

Another good option is the installation of the dehumidifier. They allow the user to quickly reduce the moisture level to a predetermined value. They are mobile, so you can move them from one room to another if necessary. To dehumidifier worked efficiently and was helped quickly and easily to cope with the problem, pay special attention to his choice. The spacious room and the higher the humidity, the more powerful must be the device. Otherwise, it just won't be able to perform its functions.

Finally, if the premises are cool, dehumidification can be used standalone heaters. They raise the temperature and lower the humidity level, allowing you to make a comfortable microclimate. One way to gently lower the humidity is to use the system "warm floor".