Wallet for money to choose a spacious, respectable and expensive. Cheap shabby purse draws to himself the money, he bears the imprint of poverty and unassuming. Its magnitude should be such that the bills of any size can be placed in it without folding. Change also needs to be convenient, a separate pocket. Choose a purse made from natural materials, leather, suede, tapestry.
In the new wallet put a lucky coin or bill, the last two digits of which coincide with your year of birth. If three or four is even better. Bill or coin should be donated or earned in some memorable way. To spend it is impossible, in the hands of strangers they also do not give, they must lie for luck, to attract money. Strong cash mascot is the denomination of one U.S. dollar, which depicts all-seeing eye on the pyramid.
If you earned some money, then spend it on the way home from work impossible, bring the money home, so they spent the night at home in purse , and that they then always come back to your warm and cozy house. Your wallet should never be empty, it should always provide some , albeit small, amount of money.
Keep the money in the purse face to you, in descending order. Face where on the Russian banknotes depicted views of cities. They also don't have to lay upside down, crumpled and dismantled. The number of banknotes in the compartment of the wallet, is designed for paper money, must be even, each paper must have a pair.
Try not to keep in the purse "crazy" money won or found, it is better to give to the needy or to spend.
Do not keep in the wallet of unnecessary papers, notes, even photos of loved ones – they kill the energy of money. In Russia for the materialization of money power is in the wallets were pieces of horseradish root. According to Feng Shui in the wallet you can keep a picture of a grape bunch, leaf of mint or green tea.