The main reason for paradrymonia gifts is their uselessness. For example, you gave the player a skateboard is a chess player can to thank you, put the skateboard in the closet and forget about it, and could give to his brother who've always wanted to try skating. The second variant on all sides looks reasonable.

To keep or to give

In fact, based on the signs of lies the ethical side of paradrymonia gift. Usually people who choose you a gift, spend the resources, money, time and emotions. Such gifts to give is simply indecent. This is especially true of gifts made by hand – paintings, knitted items, photo frames. But sometimes give those "skateboards", that is gifts that are made on the principle of "well, at least I need something to give". Moreover, such gifts can be rather expensive, but completely pointless for the person to whom they are given. As for any cosmetic kits, figurines, photo albums and other things, of course, they can give it to someone else, but it is worth considering who needs such stuff.
Scientists believe that the gifts to give even useful. At least it's less offended by the original donors of gifts.

Arguments for peredivannya good, but unnecessary things, a lot. This is especially true of things that you already have. Very often give duplicate appliances – blenders, pressure cookers or steamers. It's a wonderful, useful domestic machine, which can be useful to anyone. The trouble is that these things you may already have, so instead of having to clean such a gift in the closet, it is better to give to a friend or relative who need it. Just don't tell the giver that this gift is unnecessary, it can be frustrating for even the most good-natured and joyful person.
Before you give a gift, look at the list of wishes of the potential recipient. In social networks there are many applications to simplify finding the right gifts for each other.

Why it's bad luck

As for the signs, its appearance is due to the fact that personalized gifts in the old days was considered a vessel of luck. Accordingly, to give the other person a gift meant to voluntarily give up his fortune. In the modern world, where the gifts are mostly bought ready-made, and not made a gift, this sign has lost its value.