If you decide to learn English on their own, the first thing we need to establish within yourself, the decision to teach, motivation, why you need it. The solution must be very deep to have enough for a pretty long road. Then remember how to teach the language of children. First, they listen and try to sputter in response. And we'll take it a rule: listen. Every day to listen to the speech in English: films, songs, just recordings. At this stage it is necessary to learn the language melody, the rhythm of his. You can teach simple poem:

My name is Ann,

Her name is Vain,

His name is Ben.

Say it again.
Then learning letters and learning to read. You can start again with the simplest of poems, gradually moving to more complex texts. Keep in mind that reading to learn is not as easy as in Russian: here the same letters are read in different ways depending on the combination with other. So first remember combinations of letters, and then move on to reading words and sentences. Please note that you must not only read, but to listen to a recording of the text to correctly put on all the intonation of the sentence. Try to repeat read sentences and make the same with other words.
It is very important to learn the structure of English speech. The fact that all sentences in the English language have strictly established order. There are suggestions of narrative, there are questions here and learn the structure of their build, train it every day, and you will learn to make sentences of different words independently. By understanding the structure of the sentence, you go to the grammar: system of language and rules of its construction.
We continue to develop all those areas that we have started: listening, reading texts, speaking. Parallel to learning grammar and Supplement our speech with new words. The rule is: every day to learn new words and expressions. Every day be sure to read and listen. Gradually, your English skills will develop. When the structure of the language and some vocabulary has been accumulated, it will be possible to visit clubs where you have to communicate with native speakers. When you will understand, then I can say that the initial phase of the study completed, it is possible to improve it.