Before you open a tire shop, decide the situation on the market. Perhaps your city already has a large store specializing in the sale of such goods. So, you will make him a worthy competition. If there is no similar center, you can safely proceed to the creation. But remember that the competition you will be shops that sells auto parts. Because they also sell tires, albeit in small quantities.
Try to acquire before the competitors a number of advantages: offer for sale more a wide and qualitative range of products, provide individual approach to each customer, enter the order discount. Be sure to make a business plan for the future of the tire store.
Then register as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. If you plan to work only with individuals, it is enough to acquire the status of an individual entrepreneur. If your plans include the conclusion of supply contracts with transportation companies, taxi companies, etc., it is better to create a legal entity.
Next, select a room under the shop. You can rent it or purchase the property. The area of the store to start can be small. Although it all depends on your starting investment and range of tyres. To open a tire shop better near a gas station, service center or service station.
Purchase the equipment. At minimum the list will include the cash register, racks for tires, computer, Windows. In addition, form assortment. Nowadays suppliers of tyres very much, so carefully consider the terms of cooperation with each of them, because this will largely depend on your profit. During the formation of the range join in the search. You will need a Director, accountant, 2-3 sales assistant and warehouse worker.