You will need
  • - to prepare documents;
  • find a room;
  • to establish a range.
If you decided to deal with the parts, first, conduct market research and determine what is the most popular. After analyzing the market, identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. After that, make a business plan.
The next step is the preparation of the documents. You will need to register as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. For cooperation with large companies will need to open a LLC (limited liability company), for work with physical persons it will be sufficient to become an individual entrepreneur.
Then get the documents from the Prefecture of the administrative district authorizing such activity and sanitary-epidemiological documents of the specialized bodies of Rospotrebnadzor.
When paper cases are solved, there will come a time searching for suitable premises for the shop. It is possible to rent or buy. The area depends on the starting capital and range of products. If you are planning to start a business with a small store, room of 40 square meters, of which 25 could be taken under the shopping area, and 15 as a warehouse.
After selecting the room you need to purchase equipment. You will need racks, shelves, showcases, computers and cash registers.
After purchase of equipment, you can proceed to the formation of assortment of the goods. The correct choice of suppliers depends on the profit of the enterprise, therefore, before purchase of goods the analysis of the companies with which you intend to operate. Learn the range of supplies, availability of bonuses and discounts.
You will need employees. Shop auto parts implies the presence of the Director, accountant, purchasing Manager, sales consultants, loader. If you have a small shop, you can combine the responsibilities of the Director and the purchasing Manager.
Besides the usual shop is not bad to create an online store. You will need a website which will feature a range of goods and prices.
To open a shop of auto parts for cars you'll need start-up capital in the amount of $ 40,000. Margin, on average, range from 30 to 100%. The average monthly turnover of the store may be in the range of $ 10,000 with a margin of 30%. To recoup business you will be able within six months to a year.