Get together with your children making cards for the caregiver. Postcard made with your own hands is much more expensive than the shops.
To sign the card for the caregiver of their children start with the words: "our Dear...", or "Dear...".

You can add "Dear" and "Darling", but such appeals are of a more familiar character, and you risk to put yourself in a not very pleasant light. After contacting the teacher by name, write what you congratulate the teacher. For example: "Dear Marina, happy birthday!".
Wish to tutor their children for many more years of fruitful work in the field of educational activities, creative achievements, do not forget about personal wishes: health, happiness, family well-being.
Compose a message to caregivers in poetry, it is possible to involve children. It'd be nice if you will emphasize in his poems all the positive qualities of educator of your children. Just do not cross the line: poems must be correct, without any hint of ridicule, than you very much to offend people.
Keep in mind, when greeting an occasion in which you congratulate the caregiver. If it is a professional holiday, you can pick up poems about teachers, about their noble hard work, but if the greeting is associated with the March 8 – pick up poems about women.
Keep in mind, and the fact that you congratulate the teacher not only from themselves, but from the faces of the children. To serious lines greetings better to add a few playful children's wishes.
Sign the card on behalf of the children and their parents. At the end congratulations, you can write: "Your favorite boys band "the Sun" and their parents". Do not forget to specify the date congratulations. Thus, you will preserve a memory for years to come.