The teacher will be glad to receive from you is not a material gift(as many think), and something made by your hands or carried out by you(song). Although to flowers,of course, a pleasure for any teacher.But most of all he will enjoy the surprise you have prepared. For this, all should be well thought out. Make this day memorable for your teacher, let him be pleasantly surprised.
In advance you need to buy balloons, decorate the poster. Although you can write wishes on the Board, but keep in mind that from the Board and then erase everything. In this case, remove everything on camera or on video. Photos or captured on video fragments can give to the teacher, and you(if you want) will remain the memory about this day. And the teacher after some time you can, remembering you, tell the other students about your wonderful class.
If you decided to make a poster, then it needs to be bright, colorful. In advance, prepare your baby pictures. It is desirable that these were photos in which you are still quite inexperienced. For example, only came to the first class. The teacher will be pleased to remember who you were and be glad, as a grown up. By the way, it will be an occasion to remember something nice or funny of school life.Attach your images and write underneath their wishes or nice words to your teacher. Think of the words to the song you sing. You can "remake" a song that you like. Prepare music. Practice to sing a song together.Buy flowers.
Come to class early in the morning you need a teacher to prepare a surprise.Decorate the classroom with balloons, attach to the poster Board with your wishes. Ask someone to warn you that the master has come, to get everything prepared and get up at the Board waiting for the birthday boy.When the teacher enters the class, shout in unison: "Congratulations." Sing the song, give flowers.Believe me, it will be an unforgettable day of birth to your teacher.