Sesame contains large amounts of calcium and vitamin E. it is believed that 100 grams of sesame seeds can satisfy your daily requirement for calcium. It is especially important to eat sesame seeds during pregnancy and lactation, as during this period increases the need for calcium. Consumption of sesame seeds helps to prevent osteoporosis, as it contains zinc and phosphorus.
To rid your body of toxins, eat on an empty stomach a tablespoon of ground sesame seeds and wash down with water. Sesame seeds can grind in a coffee grinder.
Use sesame seeds for sprinkling over buns, bread, cakes and other baked goods.
Sesame can be used as a boning fish or meat. To do this, pour the sesame seeds into a saucer. Cooked fish or meat for frying, dip in beaten egg and then roll in sesame seeds. Put in hot oil and fry until cooked on both sides.
Prepare a healthy salad made from sesame seeds. Rinse spinach leaves, cut them into small strips. Add the sesame seeds, a pinch of saffron and pour over the salad with olive oil and lemon.
Sesame oil has a wide application in medicine, cosmetology and nutrition. It is used in the treatment of various diseases, for normalization of metabolic processes in the body, a part of creams for massage, hair conditioners. Oil is considered a strong antioxidant and is used to body to fight cancer cells. Sesame is used in diseases of the blood, as it increases the number of platelets.
For the prevention of caries and gum inflammation, it is useful to rinse your mouth with sesame oil for 3 minutes.
If you suffer from an upset stomach, make a drink with sesame seeds. In a glass of warm water dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey and add 2 teaspoons of crushed sesame seeds. Drink small amounts to ease symptoms.