If you purchased the sesame seeds in the shell, first you need to obsecurity. To do this, take the seeds a small handful, RUB between your palms and put in separate bowl.
Rinse the seeds in running water, pre-vysypat it in a sieve.
Obselesence and washed sprinkle sesame seeds on a dry frying pan.
Roast seeds over moderate heat until then, until they begin to jump. While cooking, stir them with a wooden spatula to ensure that they are not burnt.
Roasted sesame seeds add to the salad, to pastries (cookies, muffins, cakes), vegetables; make it a breading for meat or fish, prepare the sauce. If you want to give cooked dishes a bright flavor, choose dark sesame seeds. For decoration of bakery products and bread, use white sesame seeds.
Sesame seeds contain a powerful antioxidant - sesamin. Eat sesame seeds to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, and also for cancer prevention.
Increase the servings of sesame seeds, if you want to strengthen bones: calcium content of sesame seeds is not inferior to such foods as milk or cheese. If your body lacks of calcium (an indication of this can be that you are constantly drawn to sweet), razmeshivaya sesame seeds in a glass of water and drink this drink (also known as sesame milk) 1 time per day.
Include in the diet more sesame for cleaning the body and removing from it harmful substances.
Eat sesame seeds to preserve youth, promotes the seeds contained in vitamin E.
Seeds which you do not use immediately after roasting, let cool to room temperature and place in a bowl with a tight lid. Keep them in a dark, dry place.