Advice 1: How to publish your book

Bookstores are now filled with publications of various genres and formats. Books are written the stars, and political figures. But do not succumb to the feeling that the world no room left for another new book. Who knows, suddenly you the future Creator of a fascinating bestseller? After all, publishers are interested in finding writers who will be well sold.
A good book is both entertaining and teaches the reader
Prepare your book to send to publishers. You will not have another chance to make a first impression on editors and publishers. So please make proofreading the text. If you are not confident in your literacy to 100%, ask someone from relatives or friends to edit your book. You can also pay professional proofreader so he brought the text to perfection.

Please note that the publisher every day comes a huge stream of manuscripts. Your book needs to stand out among others. To submit a book to a publisher, you need to make a synopsis and annotation.
A synopsis is a summary of the work described on 1-2 pages. It should contain all the major events outlined succinctly and clearly. Make your synopsis so that it's clear who the heroes of the book, the circumstances in which events unfold.
Write a brief summary, indicating what you think is the most striking and most important in my book. The abstract should arouse interest in the text, create the desire to read the book. The abstract should contain a hint or indication of the intrigue of your work.
Make a template letter to send to publishers. The majority of modern publishers accept manuscripts for consideration via e-mail. So there is no need to bother with paper manuscripts and postal or courier shipments. In a letter to justify his appeal to the publisher.
Write why, in your opinion, the manuscript may be in demand by readers. Highlight the main idea of the book, its main advantages. Next, specify the genre in which the written piece, its volume.

If you had any publications (published stories, newspaper articles, publications in online contests), indicate this in writing. Also, provide brief information about yourself: age, education, occupation, etc. To email, attach your synopsis, the abstract and the text.
Write for yourself ' publishers are listed on their official websites on the Internet. Distribute your book through all available addresses. Fix what publishers and when you sent the book. This information will be useful to you in the future.
Don't wait for editors publishers begin to respond to your letter. Of course, some of the editors think it necessary to inform the author about his verdict. But in your interest, by the contact with publishers. Call the press, call them their name, then ask whether they received your manuscript. It is possible that you have sent a manuscript on the already non-existent address, or your letter got lost in the flow of spam, or desired direction is engaged in another editor. Ask to inform you the email address of the employee who is responsible for working with manuscripts, pertaining to your genre.
Also ask to tell his name and work phone number. After that re-send the letter at the specified address. Make sure that you need the editor received the manuscript. Check with the editor when it is better to contact to find out his verdict.
Once you've sent your manuscript to all of our editors was convinced that the editors received them, wait for the agreed time. Then call all the editors. Specify, whether has interested them the manuscript. In the case of strong interest, the editor can contact you without waiting for your call. If your book is interested in, do not rush to accept the very first offer. First, make sure that this proposal is the only one. If your manuscript has interested several publishers, ask them to name the terms of publication. Ask that you send the author's contract. Carefully review the proposed contract. You must be clear in what form will the book come out, what will be your fee the terms on which you sell the publishing rights to the manuscript. Having studied the proposals, agree on something that satisfies you on all counts.
Do not hesitate in case of difficulty with the reading of the contracts to contact an attorney. Better if it is a specialist in the field of copyright. He can clarify for you the various nuances. For example, the contract should be spelled out, over what period, the publisher agrees to publish a book in the light of what the author rely on royalties from dopechatat, etc. the Contract should not be onerous for a beginner, and better to be safe than sorry.

Advice 2 : How to sell a publishing a book

With the advent of democracy in our country, many ordinary people thought about writing their own books. Now there is almost no limit to topics for writing compositions. Censorship gives a nod to many authors. After writing the first works in front of a person the question arises, how to sell a book publisher.
How to sell a publishing a book
To go to the publisher should be prepared in advance. Make a small description of his work. It should be brief, but to put your creation in a favorable light. Do not need to completely retell the content of the book, it is sufficient to describe in General terms. You should be able to sell the description of the work.
The choice of publishers is an important step in the sale of the book. The Internet can help you find all of the publishing house, the most favorably located geographically. You can offer a book from several publishers. Each of them send a letter, in which place the description of your book. No need to attach any files - the editor has no time to read them. Your proposal should be brief, but profitable for the publisher.
The positive aspect is the idea of a series of books under your authorship. Publishers benefit from such cooperation, as in fact will need to advertise only one book. If it will please the reader, he will be ready to buy all the subsequent books of the author.
No need to worry, if you sent out the emails will remain unanswered. Be persistent. In about a month, send another letter. If you have some amendments in the work, or you already write another book from the same series, be sure to mention this.
If you received several responses from publishers, then go with all seriousness to the final choice of one of them. It is advisable to talk with the authors previously collaborated with the data publishers. Gather as much reliable information about each publisher. Analyze the situation and choose the most reliable publisher.
Pre-set a price below which you do not want to give his creation. Discuss all other terms and conditions of cooperation. Only after that sign a contract with the publisher.

Advice 3 : How to upload a book

Spending huge hours on creating your own books, the author wants to know the opinion of others about her. The printed publication will require considerable monetary investment, so to get the first reviews will be enough to put the book in the Internet.
How to upload a book
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - the text of the book.
On the Internet there are special portals that allow budding authors to publish their creations. One of the most "hyped" of websites on this subject is It is perfect for those writers who spetsializiruyutsya prose. A key feature of this portal is that it protects your copyright in a work with a special certificate. Recently, the administration of the website offers authors to publish their works (or its fragments) in various collections. Such participation is paid, thanks to a special calculator, you can calculate how much it might cost you is a pleasure. For poets there is a similar website with similar features –
To publish your books, you can also use the electronic libraries. In the interfaces of some of them, you can find the option "Add work", in particular, this is quite acceptable on the website For this you will need to register on this portal, which is one of the most widely read in the Russian Internet. The reviews here rarely leave, but being the author, you can be sure that the work will find its readers.
Some sites go even further and allow their authors to sell their books. Including Of course, to sell their work at market prices thus will fail but receive a small income is possible. It should be noted that 5% from each book will have to pay the website a fee for the opportunity to publish the material. We shouldn't fear this because the books sold out rather actively. The author will need to create a good description of their work, and to intrigue readers, then the chances to sell your manuscript will be quite high.
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