For the manufacture of scaffolding-contractors do not need so many materials. They are not connected with the structure. Install and dismantle it for a very short time. Upon completion they can be disassembled and stored until the next alteration.
The main element of the platform – envelopes, which is a triangular support platform. To start from a Board-fifties before you need to shoot down l-shaped brackets to the side you need to cover more subtle obraznymi boards (for example with a cross section of 25*100mm). Size of one shelf-bracket should be approximately 400 mm. If you make less, may not be enough space for the deck, and if more, then you run the risk of separation of the envelopes from the retaining wall, which is very dangerous for working in the woods.
To create decking will need 2 backups of the boards, fifty (50*150mm). The lower end of them, and focus rests on the ground.
On the level where the installed decking, brackets fixed vertical shoulders to the wall with nails. Do not hammer them to the end, to make it easier to remove during dismantling of the structure.
There is an easier way. Take 2 stands out of a large Board, one end of which kopite in the ground and the other to attach to the wall with nails. Now upstairs in turn, raise the boards from the flooring and nail to boards that are nailed to the posts across. From the Board 40х100 you can build a strong shield to the platform, length is 3 meters. Agree that on the long platform is much easier to work with than from the ladder.