You will need
  • - Rag
  • dishwasher liquid
  • - old toothbrush,
  • washing powder,
  • - bleach
  • - baking soda,
  • - vinegar.
Unpleasant smell in the washing machine may appear due to improper care. Open the door of the washing machine and carefully clean it from the inside with a cloth soaked in warm water with dishwashing liquid. The cracks around the frame clean with an old toothbrush. Clear glass powder and bleach, thoroughly rinse it under running water.
The smell of mold and stagnant water in the washing machine can be avoided if you regularly clean the pump filter. Don't forget to wipe the gasket and door. Always leave the door slightly ajar.
An unpleasant smell can cause poor powder, if this is the cause of all evils, it is necessary to change for the better. If the smell is very strong, most likely a problem with the drains. Again, check the proper connection of the washing machine.
If you use a washing machine for a long time, perhaps an unpleasant smell coming from the drain hose. It is desirable to change to call setup wizard washing machines, it will connect you hose good quality.
Periodically (at least every 3 months) go to sleep one measuring Cup of powder into the washing machine and turn it on. No wash clothes and spin dry. Thus the set maximum temperature is 90-95 degrees.
Musty smell in a washing machine are easy to fix, if you pour it in the drum two cups of bleach and wash without Laundry at the highest temperature of the water. Do it as preventive maintenance at least once a year.