You will need
  • - solution hlorofillipta;
  • - chamomile tea;
  • - turpentine ointment;
  • ointment "Doctor mom";
  • - a warm drink.
Let the baby warm drink, as often as possible, it will soothe irritated mucous membranes of the throat and will help to accelerate the infection from the body.
Use a freshly prepared decoction of chamomile if your child is not allergic to grass. For this purpose it is very convenient to buy ready-made pharmacy filter bags (per Cup of boiling water over 1 bag, let it cool). With their help, you will quickly prepare the mixture a given concentration and will be spared from having to filter it. Chamomile tea give babies 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day. If a child does not feel his rejection, then you can give this broth instead of water.
Lubricate the neck of the child, using the oil solution chlorophyllipt, it is a natural drug (the extract from the leaves of eucalyptus), has a high bactericidal action. Take a thin stick, she wrap some sterile gauze and dip into the solution, coat the throat. If the child is sucking the pacifier, you can do it the easy way: squeeze 3-4 drops of the solution on a pacifier and give it to the kid. Medication will be distributed by the oral strip.

Child-allergies may react unpredictably to new drugs, therefore, giving of any drug should be strictly with the permission of the doctor.
Before bed brush the crumbs heels turpentine ointment or apply ointment "Doctor mom". Very good to use fir oil, this will give the desired warming effect. But not too zealous and not mask off the child very warm. Thermoregulation in infants imperfect, and instead of improving you can get high temperature. For this reason, it is impossible to hold all sorts of warm, put mustard.