Advice 1: How to treat throat infant

Your baby is sick? Apathy, capricious mood, poor appetite, and sometimes even cry while eating or abandoning it, coughing – all signs that the baby is sore throat. Often mothers are lost and do not know what to do in this case. Because most of the drugs and treatments of infants are not suitable. However, there are several techniques that not only alleviate the child's condition, but to cure it.
How to treat throat infant
You will need
  • - solution hlorofillipta;
  • - chamomile tea;
  • - turpentine ointment;
  • ointment "Doctor mom";
  • - a warm drink.
Let the baby warm drink, as often as possible, it will soothe irritated mucous membranes of the throat and will help to accelerate the infection from the body.
Use a freshly prepared decoction of chamomile if your child is not allergic to grass. For this purpose it is very convenient to buy ready-made pharmacy filter bags (per Cup of boiling water over 1 bag, let it cool). With their help, you will quickly prepare the mixture a given concentration and will be spared from having to filter it. Chamomile tea give babies 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day. If a child does not feel his rejection, then you can give this broth instead of water.
Lubricate the neck of the child, using the oil solution chlorophyllipt, it is a natural drug (the extract from the leaves of eucalyptus), has a high bactericidal action. Take a thin stick, she wrap some sterile gauze and dip into the solution, coat the throat. If the child is sucking the pacifier, you can do it the easy way: squeeze 3-4 drops of the solution on a pacifier and give it to the kid. Medication will be distributed by the oral strip.

Child-allergies may react unpredictably to new drugs, therefore, giving of any drug should be strictly with the permission of the doctor.
Before bed brush the crumbs heels turpentine ointment or apply ointment "Doctor mom". Very good to use fir oil, this will give the desired warming effect. But not too zealous and not mask off the child very warm. Thermoregulation in infants imperfect, and instead of improving you can get high temperature. For this reason, it is impossible to hold all sorts of warm, put mustard.
In infants, the disease can proceed very rapidly, so monitor carefully and note any change in condition of the baby and at the slightest suspicion of deterioration, consult your pediatrician.
Useful advice
For the fastest recovery step to the treatment process holistically, focusing on immunity support. This will allow you to prevent transfer of infection to the upper respiratory system and to avoid many complications. For this purpose, you can give the child Anaferon scheme or instilled into the nose interferon solution (1-2 drops 3 times a day).

Advice 2 : How to treat throat baby

When inflammation of the neck of the infants mothers are often lost and do not know how to help their baby, because most of the drugs and methods of treatment of babies is not suitable. Despite this, there are several ways that will quickly bring back to normal your child.
How to treat throat baby
At the first symptoms of a cold as often as possible give your baby a warm drink that will soothe the irritated nasal mucosa and helps to quickly bring the infection from the nose. Then find out how serious it is. Call the pediatrician and let him examine the baby and give recommendations for treatment.
Make sure that the mucus does not accumulate in the nasopharynx, as often as possible, rinse the nose of the baby with special products or regular non-carbonated mineral water with a pipette, pear or cotton flagella.
To maintain the temperature of the air in the room that was not hot and not cold. Periodically ventilate because in dry air, the microbes multiply much faster.
If the cause of pain in the throat is not teething, brush his antimicrobial drugs: Lugol, yodinolom, tonsilgon. Or in the absence of Allergy in the baby cook him a decoction of chamomile, oak bark. Can buy in a drugstore ready-made filter bags and brew one tea bag per Cup of boiling water.
Handle the throat in the following manner: wrap the index finger of the bandage, dip it in the solution and brush the root of the tongue and the posterior wall of the neck. After seven months tonsilgon let in drops, but it should be diluted with warm boiled water, and then not to give the child liquid for half an hour.
When accompanied by colds with cough, follow by expectoration. In this case, it is best to give the funds to the herbs, such as chamomile tea or licorice root, which have anti-inflammatory and disinfecting agents.
If the baby is breastfed, often put him to the breast, since breast milk has all the beneficial properties that are necessary for him. If you suspect a sore throat should consult a doctor who will probably prescribe you antibiotics.
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