You will need
  • - compass;
  • - satellite receiver;
  • TV.
Determine the geographic coordinates of your town using the website Then open the map of the coverage area of the satellite Amos 2/3 4W. As the satellites are located in geostationary orbit, the location almost always. To catch the signal from the satellite is possible only in the case that your locality falls into this area. More precisely it can be defined on the page
Point the antenna at the intended location of the satellite. For its location, use either a compass (for azimuth), or the program Satellite Antenna Alignment (for the sun). Last option is the most acceptable but the computer may not always.
Take a compass and determine the direction to the South. Knowing their coordinates, for example, 38 deg V. D. and 46 ° N. lat., you can roughly determine which satellite in your area is located directly to the South. According to the example, South=38 deg, i.e. over you "hanging" satellite NTV plus Eutelsat W4 36e. Accordingly, Amos 2/3 4W will be located on the right.
Turn the antenna to the right until it stops. Set it about 5 degrees below the horizontal plane. Converter (head) set to "0". Connect with F-connector one end of the coaxial cable. Second, attach to the satellite receiver. Connect the tuner to the TV and switch on. Set the receiver to the satellite Amos 2/3 4W through the menu. At the bottom of the installation window will be displayed: 0% signal quality and 0% signal strength.
Begin to move the antenna slowly to the left. If the signal does not appear, raise it by one degree. Repeat the satellite search. The announcement goes with it continuously, so the signal is always there. Keep in front of the antenna there are no obstacles such as walls of a house or tall trees. Raise the antenna by one degree after each quest. When a signal achieve his biggest strength and lock it. Rotation Converter increase the power, pin. Scan the satellite receiver.