The surest method to determine the gender of the goose by the presence of the penis in the cloaca. This way you can floorto isolates when the goslings more than one month. At this age genderthe new body of the male has the form of little hook about gendercentimeters in length. You need to have some experience, not to be mistaken.
как содержать гусей
For the isfloorof isawanya this method, sit on a low stool so that knees are above. Put the goose back across your knees, a little obliquely. Head and neck it must be skipped under your left arm and stick the elbow. Wings pressed to the body, tail needs a little overhang.
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Pull the tail of the goose down. To uncover the cloaca, vosgenderesuites thumb and forefinger. The penis of goslings at the age of 3-4 months has the form of a spiral curl with fuzzy divisions. From geese the cloaca evenly-folded, pink color. Adult ganders is difficult to confuse with the geese.
чем отличается гусь от утки
To determine the gender of a goose is very difficult, but still experienced poultry farmers accurately determine gender based on indirect signs:- the young Gusakov more long neck, large head and they are larger than females. This is evident from the first day of life;
the voice of young females is lower than males;
adult ganders when the launching crane is parallel to the water;
- if you disturb a flock of adult geese, ganders bullied head up to the sky, and the goose kept her in regular floorogenyi.
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