To get started please read the appropriate regulations describing rules of conduct and registration of complaints. For example, in the capital, the government order of Moscow from 30 may 2003 No. 31 "On approval of methodical instructions on organization and implementation of retail trade in Moscow". In the regions published its Regulations.
Remember that the guestbook is not just collected together the complaints of dissatisfied customers. This, in accounting language, the document of the strict reporting. Number every page. The book itself sew and seal your company and signed by the Director. Then, the future collection of claims you will be able to register in the trade of your city. This is done according to your desire, compulsory registration was canceled a few years ago.
Get ready for a complaints book. Or make it yourself – with the usual thick notebook. Remember that on the first page needs to show off the full text of how to conduct the book reviews. The title page should contain the address and telephone number of your company, as well as the contacts controlling organizations – the city's Department of consumer protection, the city Department of Rospotrebnadzor, the Department of trade of administration of the town or district, etc.
Keep in mind that complaints should also execute correctly. It is assumed that on one side of a sheet, the client will write the claim, on the other – leave your contact phone number, address, write the surname, name, patronymic. Also on the back later the management of the enterprise should describe the measures that have been taken on this particular complaint.
Remember, you do not have the right to change the complaints book, while it completely will not be filled with claims, and, perhaps, wishes and praise. Even after complete filling of the don't throw it away. The head of your company is obliged to keep this document within one year.