First, demand for themselves the employees of the institution "Book reviews and suggestions" and the conditions for its completion (by law you must be given provided with a pen or pencil, table, chair).
After receiving a book, examine it. Verify its authenticity, i.e. see if it is numbered, bound, if certified by signature and seal of the organization.
Now, carefully read the instructions located on the first pages. Locate and remember (or better write down) the phone numbers of the parent trade organization and gostorginspektsii. And then start filling books.
Specify the date and time you made an entry, then your name and address. Then write your opinion (positive or negative - complaint) and/or offer (for example - to improve the quality of service).
Do record as much detail as possible, but do not stray from the point. Five days after your entry on the reverse side of the sheet where you have expressed your opinion you should see a mark on the measures taken.