The easiest way to get a lot of planting and to propagate strawberries with a mustache. Take for landing only the first mustache with the beginnings of roots. Tear off the mustache from the parent plant as a whole.
To keep straightness of rows, place them on the cord. Make using scoops pits with steep wall at the cord. The seedlings get to a steep wall so that the soil line strawberry was at the level of the soil. The roots spread. If they are too long, they can be slightly trimmed.
Strawberry does not tolerate any small or deep planting. In addition, it is impossible to fill the earth terminal Bud, as this will lead to the death of seedlings.
For the best survival roots dipped in a mash of clay and mullein before planting.
The hole fill in loose soil, the soil around the plant will seal, then add a little more soil and again condense.
Around each plant a shovel make a small hole into which pour half a liter of water.
Correct bushes carefully, the rows multiroute humus. Pricenice paper or swisscolony grass. The following year the young bushes will again get a mustache, and you will be able to obtain new planting material.
Another way to propagate strawberries – seeds. Sow them in February in plastic cups filled with fertile potting mix. Since the seeds are very small, then put them on the soil surface and lightly sprinkle the ground. Moisten with spray, cover with glass and put in a warm bright place.
While seeds will not germinate, periodically priotkryvaet glass, remove the condensate and moisten the soil. The seedlings will appear in about a month. Now the glass can be removed. By the end of spring, you should receive three or four sheets.
After the threat passes the return of frost, plant seedlings in the garden and pricenice paper or grass.