In the beginning, before to saw the countertop, mark the location to which you want to install the sink or stove. For these purposes, make a template of the sink or plate in order to make the cut as straight as possible.
If you're a jigsaw with a reverse sharpening saws or hand saw, cut, necessarily positioning the countertop to the top front surface, that is thus, as it will be installed. Small chips in this case will be the bottom. If the countertop covered with plastic, then this option would be ideal.
If you work with a saw, then use the fine teeth of the disk, thus try hard to push the wood to the guide.
If you need to make the corner, then take a jig saw and the template that you cut out beforehand. Depending on the countertop material can change the blade, putting for straight cut, notched, or for clean. For natural wood use a fine teeth blade for MDF and plywood, and straight, use a pendulum jigsaw.
If you cut out the top circle, and it turned out not quite smooth, that smooth problem areas or sandpaper on a piece of shovel handle, or belt sanding machine, designed for convex rounding.
After cutting out walk along the edge of neckline edging mill with a conical nozzle.
In order to ensure that moisture are unable to penetrate into the formed hole, prior to installation, carefully apply the sealant sections.
Cross-cut film iron stick, pre-heating of the countertop with a hot air gun. To comply with the safety rules, do not heat the wood too much, otherwise it may be puffed.
Small bumps on the edge of the cut hole seal trimming film, in the same way warming it with a Hairdryer.