Establish a sustainable mode of the day. Experts say that this is the simplest and most effective way to improve their own health. It is the most undervalued and unloved by us (it's so boring – sort each day). Nevertheless, it is stable circadian rhythm based on the natural cycles of all life on earth, is the main condition of high filling efficiency. The correct mode of the day is proper sleep (for some it's 5-6 hours for someone 9-10), easy morning awakening, energetic daytime wakefulness, evening and again night sleep.
Get rid of the blockages in the workplace. If you're an office worker, the easiest way to do this: remove every last piece of paper on his Desk. Sit down at a clean table, drink water, breathe and get to work. As required get required. In any case, you will see that more than half removed you never will move back on the table.
Take care of fresh air. If there is no air conditioning, often and regularly ventilate the room. The lack of oxygen affects the degree of efficiency, drastically lowering it.
Try to change something in the workplace. For example, flip table, wardrobe, to change the lighting (for example, replace white cold light office table lamp lamp with shade, giving a warm light). By the way, experts say that invigorates and stimulates brain activity yellow. Put it on your Desk or hang on the wall that crashes your opinion, the object of yellow color (hue, tone). Occasionally be distracted from the workflow, and just contemplation. To avoid overstimulation from the rich yellow, experts recommend fringe to shade it green.
From time to time throw a little workout. It's a great way to liven up stiff muscles and joints. We should pay particular attention to warm-up the muscles of the neck, hands, and feet. It is these parts of our body have the maximum amount of mechanoreceptors, the impact of which stimulates the brain.
Include in your diet foods that increase efficiency. First and foremost, it's nuts, carrots, ginger, fatty fish, dried apricots, shrimp. But from the use of confectionery products it is better to refrain, because their digestion needs a lot of vitamins necessary for the active work of the brain. Acceptable source of fast carbs can be bitter chocolate.