You will need
  • Software:
  • command prompt;
  • - the task Manager.
The command line can be done in different ways. Since this is a standard utility for any Windows distribution, the executable file of this application can be found in the start menu. Open it and select "All programs." In the list that opens, navigate to the folder "Standard". Hit the label with a picture of the black console window.
Also the command line can be run via the applet is Run, which is also in the menu "start". Alternative run application – press the hotkey Win (the button with the image window) + R. In the empty field of the applet, enter cmd, and click OK.
You will see the console. To open the "Manager tasks" enough to enter the command taskmgr and press Enter. You will see the Manager window, with which you can run absolutely any app, if you go to the tab "Applications".
But not always the "Manager tasks" can be run this way. When the screen appears a small window saying disabled by the administrator, to whom you are talking about the security of your computer with a virus. Maybe the virus itself is not active anymore and anti-virus system blocked him, but you need the app and not be able to run. You have to edit the registry files.
To start the registry editor again to press Win + R and enter regedit. After clicking "OK" you will see the main window of the program. You need to find the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoliciessystem DisableTaskMgr parameter and replace its value from "1" to "0".
Depending on the version of the operating system such parameter in this folder may not be. So find the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpolicies and replace the value of the parameter DisableTaskMgr from "1" to "0".