You will need
  • - the product associated to the desired height;
  • - knitting needles (preferably fishing line);
  • - the second ball of the same yarn;
  • - knitting patterns;
  • the pattern or measurements;
  • - a ruler or a centimeter.
Count how many loops you need to close. In the beginning you have already calculated their number to dial. In this case, the principle is the same. Measure the pattern width of the cut. To measure between the extreme points of the horizontal line of the neck, where the ascent begins on the shoulders. Multiply the resulting size by the number of loops in one centimeter. For example, the density of knitting you have 3 loops per 1 cm, and the distance between the lifting points on the shoulder is 15 cm by Multiplying 15 by 3, you get 45. So many loops to close.
Because you need the hinges are in the middle of the row, you need to calculate how much you need to stitches to close. Of the total number located on the spokes of loops subtract those that will close. For example, the width of the knitting you have 80 loops. Subtract from this number 45. Get 35 loops. This number is divided by 2. In this case, it is odd, therefore, unnecessary loop relate to the neck. That is close need 45 and 46 of loops. Knit into the neckline to 17 loops, counting the edging. If the threads and the spokes are thick and the knitting is loose, it is possible to do otherwise. The extra loop added to one shoulder. In this case, to purl, you need 18 hinges, then close 44 and leave 18 on the second arm.
Start the last row. This can be done in two ways, depending on whether you knit the shoulder simultaneously or sequentially. In the first case, start the same number of spokes. Knit at the same time better in a pie, but you can on the straights. In the second case, use the extra needle. Provarite it the first row of shoulder and leave the loop on it. In any case, there should be as much as you have determined on your shoulder. Close the middle loop in the second case, you will be the same with needles, which knit the whole item.
Close the middle loop start with loop beyond the last loop of the shoulder. Provarite it with the following and remove to right needle as you normally do. Follow the figure. If the second loop in the pair wrong, promazyvaya loop edge reverse, if the front — face. Close the desired number of loops. Compare the shoulder width.
Davaite a row and turn the work. If you are going to perform a lateral part at a time, then do the first, which has just passed. Tie it to the end, tear off and tighten the thread. Proceed to the second shoulder. Because you've finished the row in front of medium-sized loops, then start the next, it is necessary to the closing line.
The shoulders can be knit at the same time. It's even more convenient because this method allows better to observe the symmetry. Close the desired number of average loops and will finish the series. Flip the work, proverite the first row of shoulder and slide it to the end of the spoke, which is the limiter, or on the line. Tie the thread from the second skein to the beginning of the closing line and tie the first row of the other side. The following series start from the same tangle. Davaite it up to the neck, slide the loop to stop. Miss a closed medium loop and finish the row with a thread from the first ball. Thus knit to end of part.